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Get buankissed.

new works coming soon

It's an exciting time. Blessyl is exploring ways to bring new art to you using collected natural materials, weave and paint.

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I love my beautiful buankissed earrings! I love that they are handcrafted and that so much care and attention was given to the materials used. I'm proud to wear them as a tribute to my parents' birthplace, the Philippines.

Hannah Velante

What I love most about these pieces is how it makes me feel a bit closer to my homeland. The capiz shell draws me closer to memories of being by the water and any time I've worn these earrings around my kapwa it does the same. Each piece is lovingly made and no two are ever alike! Owning a pair is having your own unique piece of home.

Maria Bulatao- Made By Mree

Feeling connected to my homeland and to nature's elements when I wear these beautiful and whimsical earrings. Absolutely unique! I can't wait to buy more designs!

Cynthia Rebong