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Bangka is the tagalog word for boat or canoe.

Travel between islands to the places of your dreams.


Lightweight Design

2" Rattan Woven Rectangular Pendant

Adorned with 0.5" White Ringed Freshwater Pearl

22K Gold Plated Fish Hook Earring

Length 4 inches

Handmade by Blessyl in Toronto, Canada


A portion of sales will be donated to the Philippine Weavers via ANTHILL Fabrics: A company dedicated to Cultural Continuity, Design & Innovation Circularity & Zero Waste, Sustainable Livelihood, Women Empowerment & Social Procurement.


Earrings are handmade from natural materials. It is normal to have variations in surface texture and colour upon receipt and that develop with time.  Please avoid wearing while swimming/bathing. Avoid exposing it to any oils/emollients for longer wear. Refer to care instructions for more information.