Striped Green Katarines Woven Silver Hair Pin Duo

Striped Green Katarines Woven Silver Hair Pin Duo

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A contemporary way to fashion traditional weaves. Style casual or business chic.

Appropriate for all ages.

Reconnect to the tradition and stories of these artisans.


Lightweight Design

1 pair of Kantarines fabric affixed to 20mm button and hair pin

(The Kantarines weaves are upcycled commercial polyester scraps made by weavers in Abra, Ilocos Norte. The Kantarines weaves are traditionally used as tapis or wrap around skirts by the women in Abra.) (ANTHILL Fabrics)

Handmade by Blessyl in Toronto, Canada


A portion of sales will be donated to the Philippine Weavers via ANTHILL Fabrics: A company dedicated to Cultural Continuity, Design & Innovation Circularity & Zero Waste, Sustainable Livelihood, Women Empowerment & Social Procurement.


Earrings are handmade from natural materials. It is normal to have variations in surface texture and colour upon receipt and that develop with time.  Please avoid wearing while swimming/bathing. Avoid exposing it to any oils/emollients for longer wear. Refer to care instructions for more information.