Maxi Purple Kusikus Earring

Maxi Purple Kusikus Earring

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 A contemporary way to fashion traditional weaves. Style casual or business chic.

Reconnect to the tradition and stories of these artisans.


Lightweight Design

The Binakol fabric affixed to 1" button, stainless  steel post

Binakol is indigenous to the Ilokanos and Itneg communities of Ilocos and the Cordillera region. It is woven in two colours forming geometric patterns of squares and rectangles giving an optical illusion that is said to create a dizzying effect to drive away bad spirits. The Binakol is woven just by counting in the weavers' minds without a manual or guide. Traditionally, the Binakol is a ceremonial cloth used for protection. (sourced from ANTHILL Fabrics)

Handmade by Blessyl in Toronto, Canada


A portion of sales will be donated to the Philippine Weavers via ANTHILL Fabrics: A company dedicated to Cultural Continuity, Design & Innovation Circularity & Zero Waste, Sustainable Livelihood, Women Empowerment & Social Procurement.


Earrings are handmade from natural materials. It is normal to have variations in surface texture and colour upon receipt and that develop with time.  Please avoid wearing while swimming/bathing. Avoid exposing it to any oils/emollients for longer wear. Refer to care instructions for more information.