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Let your hands do the talking.

Stackable, colourful, gold chunky chain charm bracelet adorned with a natural cowrie shell and translucent neon yellow acrylic cassette tape charm. 


Cowrie shells are symbols of fertility, abundance and prosperity. They were once used by ancients as "shell money" and materials for divination around the world. You will find many of these wash up on the shores of the Philippine Islands.

The cassette tape is a throw back to growing up as a GEN X with music in my ears, waiting for the bus, making new dances, it was a vibe.  


Gold Acrylic chain links with dramatic orange lobster clasp.

Links can be removed to adjust size.

Natural Cowrie Shell

Translucent Neon Yellow Cassette tape charm. 

All metal findings nickel free


8.5 inch length

 Note: Cowrie shells are natural materials

It is normal to have surface variations

Stackable, colourful, chunky chain necklace adorned with a natural Capiz shell and Gold Cowrie charm.


Handmade by Blessyl in Toronto, Canada


A portion of sales will be donated to the Philippine Weavers via ANTHILL Fabrics: A company dedicated to Cultural Continuity, Design & Innovation Circularity & Zero Waste, Sustainable Livelihood, Women Empowerment & Social Procurement.